7th Street House: “Umoja”

7th Street House will focus on highlighting the importance of Umoja, which is highlighted through Kwanzaa events. Our mission is to bring people together as if we were a family and create an environment where everyone can feel welcomed. Often, people struggle with finding a place where they feel comfortable on campus and we hope our community will be a safe space for individuals.

23 University Ave: “Sustainability”

Our mission is to provide a model of environmentally-sensitive living that promotes a campus-wide atmosphere in which balance and happiness can be found due to sustainability in energy and resource consumption.  We have been working closely with staff members familiar with green living to prepare projects for this upcoming year.

400 St. George: “E&I – Entrepreneurship & Innovation”

Members of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Affinity House are a group of individuals who are fascinated by design and understanding how things work in order to improve them to benefit the common good. Our mission is to encourage intellectual growth and to create an environment unlike any other on campus, where members are perpetually challenging each other to think creatively. Our goals include providing members with opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them. This affinity house has been around since 2013. The E&I House caters to students interested in a collaborative learning community. Through interdisciplinary interaction, the house promotes critical thinking and nurtures a community of those passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and design. This group is planning many fun events for the year to stay active, including a trip Google, a visit to Gilson Snowboards, talks with the SBDC, networking dinners with alumni, and bringing numerous speakers to the house.

Carey House: “Outhouse – Outdoor Education & Leadership House”

Our mission as a combined group is to promote awareness of outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle. Students are able to grow as leaders while challenging themselves and stepping out of their comfort zones. Our program promotes experiential education in an outdoor and professional setting, which will provide students with skills that they can continue to use in their everyday lives.

Corner House: "Bohemia"

The mission of the Bohemia House is to foster a diverse and interdisciplinary artistic community by establishing a residential space in which students can collaborate, combining a variety of artistic perspectives in ways that will energize and rejuvenate the arts scene, the academic scene, and the social scene at Bucknell. We want to build community around the creative and performing arts, create a network to empower current students in the arts and appeal to prospective students in the arts.

Demo House: "Computing & Technology"

The mission of the Computing & Technology House is to teach, inspire, and cultivate passion for technology, especially by introducing topics not covered in a typical classroom. Our community will have the opportunity to make meaningful connections, for those with similar interests. From experienced “techies” to humanities majors, interested in learning about computers or taking their projects to the next level, the Computing & Technology house is an opportunity for innovation, passion, and creativity in the digital world.

Edwards House: “Let's Get Cooking!”

The mission of our group is to offer a healthier alternative to Bucknell’s dining services, while gaining a broader understanding of nutrition and culinary skills. Our goals as an affinity house are to offer a close-knit living environment that helps promote healthier eating options to the residents. We want everyone to feel comfortable and respected in our community. In addition to encouraging house members to try healthier eating alternatives, we hope to spread our knowledge throughout the campus community in an attempt to promote a conscious minded effort to eat healthier. Our house will be a safe space where we hope to explore each other’s cultural and social backgrounds through food.

Galloway House: “Cap & Dagger”

Founded in 1906, Cap & Dagger has always been student-initiated, and we would like to honor our ancestors by fostering student movement in the arts. The house is the nucleus through which members could organize, plan and put on events incorporating the arts in order to make a difference in the community. There is a precedent for Cap & Dagger students to tour shows at high schools in order to excite students about the arts. Our house is a space to strengthen bonds between students, a communal space of our own where students can convene and create. The Cap & Dagger house bolsters individual passions within the arts and creates the community environment in which the intersection of those passions transform into works of art entirely new and exciting.

Hulley House: "C.A.L.V.I.N & H.O.B.B.E.S”

C.A.L.V.I.N & H.O.B.B.E.S strives to provide alternative, substance-free weekend fun for members of the organization and for the greater campus community. Almost everything we do is open to the campus and at no cost to the attendees. We typically hold two events every weekend, ranging from bowling to Nerf Wars to board games and movie nights. While many events receive attendance in the range of 15-20 people, some of our larger events have had more than 50 attendees in past years.

Leiser House: “International House”

Leiser House has historically served as a hub for international dialogue on campus and this year the community is widening its scope by focusing not only on international topics, but trying to get a better understanding of wider intercultural issues that surround Bucknell and Bucknellians everywhere. This group of US and international students organizes different events and activities throughout the year, many of them will be open to public. All events are designed to expose students to new cultures and perspective.

Martin House: "Logic & Puzzles"

Our mission is to use logic and the complexity of puzzles to promote critical thinking and problem solving, not only for our house but for the community at large. Our goal is to use logic and puzzles to better understand how to approach problem solving and critical thinking. Problem solving and critical thinking are underappreciated in today’s society and we want to create a likeminded house that finds different techniques and perspectives in advancing problem solving.  

Summit House: “Fran’s House”

Our mission is to create a safe place for people in the LGBTQ+ community to live and feel comfortable expressing themselves, while also trying to bring in the Bucknell community and help them learn to be good allies for not just the LGBTQ+ community but all diverse groups. Fran’s House wants to be a safe space for students in the LGBTQ+ community and its allies to express themselves and learn more about themselves with people like them.  This is also a place for the community to grow and educate the whole campus what it means to be an ally to the community and what they can do to make campus an accepting place for everyone.

Taylor Street House: “Yoga & Meditation”

Our mission is to create an environment that promotes both mental and physical wellbeing among students through a number of channels, including yoga and meditation. Our group includes a certified yoga instructor, members of the mental health awareness club, “Active Minds”, as well as several mental and physical enthusiast.


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